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Explore development opportunities for your team or organisation with the CICM

What is a Development Partnership?

Enrol your team into CICM Membership and unlock the benefits that make CICM Members stand out. Engage with learning and enrichment resources that enhance your performance and become an organisation that demonstrates a commitment to the profession.


Enhance your team

Join our other development partners in their consistent progression towards best practice and learning,


Grow your knowledge

Access a variety of benefits that will keep you ahead of the rest and set an example for other Credit Management and Collections organisations.

  • Get relevant E-Learning and Training Webinars
  • Join Virtual Workshops
  • Access our On-Demand Bitesize Training, wherever and whenever you want it.
  • Face-to-Face and Bespoke Training Plans
  • Enrol onto Apprenticeships or CICM Qualifications
  • Accurately represent and recognise your knowledge and skills with Professional Membership Grades
  • Keep up to date with the Critically Acclaimed Credit Management Magazine, released physically and digitally.



Get CICMQ Accredited

If you're looking to set an example for your organisation and increase relationships and trust with businesses and customers, then explore the CICMQ Accreditation and become an organisation that represents the meaning of best practice.

Professional Woman Smiling with Gold Gradient Shapes - CICMQ Accreditation


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