Member Support


I am facing Financial Hardship

The CICM Members' Financial Support Fund (formerly known as the CICM Benevolent Fund) was established in 1994 to assist members or former members of the Institute, or their dependents, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.  The Fund has been used to assist members of the Institute in various ways.  It has:

  • Financed the purchase of a mobility scooter for a disabled member
  • Helped finance the studies of the daughter of a member who became unexpectedly ill
  • Financed the purchase of computer equipment to assist an unemployed member set up a business
  • Contributed towards the purchase of an orthopedic bed for one member whose condition was thereby greatly eased
  • Helped with payment for a drug, not available on the NHS, for medical treatment of another member.

Any member, or former member, finding themselves in difficult circumstances and requiring financial assistance.


Subscription support

CICM membership is particularly valuable when seeking employment.  Members who have been made redundant, and can demonstrate they are suffering hardship as a result, can apply for support through the payment of their membership subscription for one year.  An application can be made at any time and a supporting letter explaining the circumstances should be submitted to [email protected].

 If you are in need of subscription support – Please fill out the subscription support form below. Terms and conditions apply and CICM reserves the right to refuse or withdraw funding benefits at any time.

Subscription support must be applied for on an annual basis at the time of renewal and is awarded for a maximum of 2 years concurrently. 

CICM reserves the right to refuse any application for subscription support. 

Data Privacy

The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) holds and processes your ‘personal data’ in order to give you the full benefits of being a Member, on the lawful basis of legitimate interest.

We will from time to time ask you to update your details to ensure we can communicate effectively. At all times, you will have the option to opt-in or unsubscribe from communications or change your preferences.



Other Credit Communities

You can find external support within CICM, but you can also reach out to other supportive credit communities such as:


Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals

Founded in 2010 – and with offices in Baltimore, US, and Oxford, UK – The Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals – known as ICTF – is an independent, not-for-profit member-lead association, providing  networking and education to those who seek to widen their expertise in the field of international credit and trade finance.  With that objective in mind, ICTF proudly offers a partnership whereby CICM members can benefit from discounts on introductory first-year membership rates when they join ICTF and against ICTF/Thunderbird School of Global Management Online Course fees.

For further information – including registration and experience criteria details – please visit


FECMA is the Federation of European Credit Management Associations and was founded in 1986 by Sir Roger Cork, who lately served as Lord Mayor of London from 1996-97.

FECMA is a not-for-profit organisation, consisting of members who are all national credit management associations.

FECMA's  vision is to promote best practice in credit management by enabling the members of all the FECMA associations to share their knowledge and experience.

FECMA also seeks:
• To promote the development of the profession of the credit manager
• To encourage and promote research, study, knowledge and the publication of that knowledge  relating to all aspects of credit management
• To encourage the highest possible ethical standards in credit management personnel
• To encourage the formation of national credit management associations in countries where none exists at present
• To promote good relations and understanding between the various national credit management associations


CICM Member Advice Service

 As a CICM member, you have access to a wide range of free advice and guidance from industry experts with our member advice service. Whether you require general technical advice or specialist legal advice, contact us today.

I would like Technical, Credit, Business or Legal Advice

If you need any support with a query or a question related to Credit, Business or Legal advice, we can consult a panel of experts with your question and provide an answer within a timely manner.

Any information or advice given is for general guidance only and is provided by CICM members based on their knowledge and experience; it should not be relied upon as formal or legal advice.