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How to choose a study method

You can get Qualified in Credit and Collections, Enforcement or Money and Debt Advice. You can complete these qualifications through our study methods that suit you best such as Virtual Classes, the Learning Support Service or Independent Study.

To help find the best study method for you, utilise the expandable selection below.

I would prefer a scheduled plan, led by an expert tutor, with interaction and continuous support from peers and a tutor

If you think that this statement reflects how you would learn best, then we would recommend Virtual Classes.

Explore Virtual Classes

One of our most popular and successful study methods for those that are aspiring to earn a CICM Qualification, take a look at CICM Virtual Classes

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I can study alone but I would like some support, feedback and Interaction with a Tutor

If this statement reflects how you would learn best, you would benefit from our Learning Support Service where you get up to 120 minutes of tutor support and the opportunity to ask questions as you work independently through your studies.

Take a look at the Learning Support Service

Take a look at the Learning Support Service Study Method

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I prefer to work alone and I have no problem doing so

If this statement sounds like you, then the independent study option may work best for you. Start your independent studying journey by becoming a Studying Member and buying a study text, where applicable

Studying Member

All learners, other than apprentices, will need to be a Studying Member in order to book their Exam.

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To achieve a CICM Qualification, we have a few options when it comes to studying and helping Credit Management and Debt Collections professionals to remain flexible whilst they achieve the next big milestone in their career.

Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes are the most effective and popular study method among Credit Management and Debt Collections professionals that are looking to work towards achieving a Qualification. You enrol onto a course where you work towards the completion of a unit. You will complete several units to earn a certificate or a diploma depending on your Qualification pathway.

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Funded Study

You may find yourself in a position where you are eligible to have CICM Qualifications entirely funded for you. Explore these options below.

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Learning Support Service

The Learning Support Service includes a tutor-supported credit management course which is limited to 120 minutes of tutor support, provided via email and telephone. If you don't want the level of interaction that Virtual Classes can provide you, this is your preferred study method.

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Home/Independent Study

Study alone with our CICM Study textbooks covering the main syllabus topics and a number of self-assessment questions & exercises.

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