CICM Advisory Council Elections 2024

The CICM Advisory Council Elections decide the CICM Advisory Council. Elected members are true advocates for our institute, the credit management industry, and beyond.

Influence the future

The Advisory Council influences the future direction of the Institute. Its members reflect the diverse range of skills and experience amongst the Institute's membership, and bring valuable expertise and knowledge to the boardroom. Being a member of the institute's Advisory Council is your opportunity to act as a true CICM ambassador, share your knowledge to advance the credit profession and help contribute to raising the profile of the largest recognised professional body in the world for the credit and collections community.

Do you fit the bill?

Do you want to raise awareness of credit management and collections as a profession? Do you want to promote best practice in the industry? Are you an ambassador for CICM? Do you have the vision to advance the credit profession by sharing your knowledge, expertise and insight?

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Submit your Nomination by 12 April 2024

Nominations* to stand for the CICM Advisory Council Elections 2024 are now open! Simply follow the steps outlined after clicking the button below, and submit your details.

Keep this page bookmarked, as key information will feature here across the coming months. If you have any questions in the meantime, contact us at [email protected]

The CICM Advisory Council Elections 2024

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