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Advanced skills in collections

With emphasis on practical application of theory in a workplace setting, this highly engaging, active training session develops your collections skills. You will learn how to use advanced collections and communication techniques in a variety of credit and debt collection settings. You will build confidence and results by practising these new skills in a safe and positive environment.


What will you gain?

  • Best practice approach to your more challenging collections cases
  • Increased cash collection results
  • More positive customer experiences
  • Greater confidence in collecting difficult debt


Who is it for?

This training is suitable for anyone in a collections role, who wants to advance their existing collection skillset. It provides advanced techniques to help collectors tasked with handling difficult conversations. Although not essential, this training works best for those who have already attended CICM’s “Best Practice Approach to Collections” workshop.


What will it cover?

Building on existing techniques, attendees will learn and apply advanced skills.

  1. Collections Practice I: Powering up a range of techniques in different situations.
  2. Preparing for difficult calls: Addressing issues of focus, compromise and feedback.
  3. Barriers to communication: Recognising noise and how to handle and reduce it.
  4. Collections Practice II: Putting new techniques into practice using case study scenarios.


This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

BS 3 Know your customer/client

BS 4 Financial and data interpretation

PS 1 Communication and relationship-building

PS 2 Problem-solving and decision-making

PS 3 Support and influencing

B1 Inquiring; B3 Resolute; B4 Resilient; B5 Ethical


Delivery: online or in person