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Merseyside and North Wales

Welcome to the Merseyside and North Wales Branch. Click here to view committee details.

The Merseyside & North Wales Branch was established in the 1960’s and covers a wide geographical area, from Preston at the North to Ludlow, Shropshire in the South, plus all of North Wales.  We do have Members from most of these areas who attend our meetings from time to time.  It is always nice to be able to talk face to face with new faces across the region and talk about the problems on their own ‘patch’.

We try to hold, on average, four networking meetings every year mixing education and social events, moving to a more diverse range of venues in our area  where possible but Liverpool has always proved the most popular.  We aim to present a wide range of subjects to interest and entertain our members and guests.  The Branch has a strong Student membership which is strongly supported by the Committee and the local colleges.  We have a range of age and experience within our membership and committee.  Younger members of the committee, Ellie Fairclough and Jodie Foster are actively promoting a technology and Social Networking agenda  so watch this space for updates or follow the branch on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We feel that if you miss the meetings you are losing one of the big advantages of being a member of the Institute.

Join us at our meetings…You will be made most welcome!

Merseyside and North Wales Branch Committee


Position Name Telephone Mobile
Chair Vacant
Vice Chair Peter Gent FCICM  +44(0)7503 179597
Treasurer Phil Sheard ACICM +44 (0)151 600 8673 +44(0)7503 179597
Secretary David Thornley FCICM  +44 (0)1282 687 117  +44(0)7843 164187
Branch Committee Member Jean Clough FCICM +44 (0)1519921365  +44(0)7951 265820
Branch Committee Member Julie Andrews MCICM

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