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The Committee Members’ background and professional experiences cover a wide range of business sectors (e.g. Manufacturing, Education, Motor trade, Legal, Insolvency, Training, Recruitment). We work hard on behalf of the branch to promote the CICM in the region (covering Northumberland to Teesside), and are here to help both existing CICM members and interested parties to make the most of CICM services and benefits. Branch events are usually free, covering both professional and fun social activities, and we’re always looking for ways to improve and grow our Branch. We ensure there’s something on offer for everyone and particularly welcome young credit professionals just starting out in their career! If you miss out on the meetings you may be losing one of the big advantages of being a member of the Chartered Institute – and don’t forget, many branch events carry CPD hours that you can add to your personal development plan.

We’d love to hear from you with your ideas and input; you can contact us either at one of our regular events, or anytime on the details shown. We look forward to seeing you!

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North East Branch Committee 


Angie Deverick MA MCICM, Branch Chair North East


Mark Alcock, North East Member Recruitment

Allan Poole MCICM, Branch Committee & Advisory Council member

Paul Card, North East Branch Publicity Officer


Angie Deverick – Linkedin

Committee Name Telephone Mobile
Chair Angie Deverick MA MCICM  +44(0)191 500 7619 +44 (0)7740855420
Vice Chair Nick Neal FCICM(Grad)
Treasurer Paul Woodward MCICM(Grad) +44(0)7989 428301
Secretary Beverley Oliver +44 (0)191 2117953
Publicity Officer Paul Card +44 (0) 1740 617 667 +44 (0)7775670666
Student Liaison Officer Paul Woodward MCICM(Grad) +44(0)7989 428301
Member Recruitment Mark Alcock  +44(0)07941 109128
Member Recruitment Sarah Smith  +44(0)191 261 3996 +44 (0)7731865 661
Branch Committee Member Allan Poole MCICM +44 (0)191 2600169 +44(0)7983 422000