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Creating highly effective teams

This training programme empowers line managers to develop a group of individuals into a positive, collaborative, and high-performing team. Using theory and practical interactivity, the workshop concentrates on the dynamics of effective teams and the role preferences play in its success. Individuals use a group development curve to learn why teams progress toward consistent productivity and results. By identifying specific indicators, underlying needs, and actions, this workshop offers the key to successful high-performance.


What will you gain?

· Workable leadership and management skills

· A motivated, effective and trusting team

· Identifiable roles and personalities of individuals within a team

· Improved performance results at team and individual level.


Who is it for?

Particularly suited to team leads and managers. Useful to teams and individuals who want to be more effective and collaborative and enhance their career development


What will it cover?

· The difference between leadership and management, and why both are needed

· How to build a trusting team in a rapidly changing work environment

· Getting the best from your team and individuals within it

· Benefits of role and personality identification and their impact on performance

· How to nurture the motivators needed to develop a highly effective team.


This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

PS 1 Communication and relationship-building

PS 2 Problem-solving and decision-making

PS 3 Support and influencing

PS 4 Passion for learning and drive for results

PS 5 Team-working and leadership

B1 Inquiring; B3 Resolute; B4 Resilient; B5 Ethical.