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CICM Qualification Digital Badge - Show you're the best at what you do

CICM Qualification Digital Badge

Get globally recognised digital badges for Credit Management and Collections Qualifications that recognise your knowledge and skills.


What is a digital badge?


The Chartered Institute of Credit Management has partnered with Credly to provide qualified members digital credentials that showcase their CICM qualifications.


A digital badge is an easily shareable method of proving the certification of a qualification, course or member and the skills and knowledge of the badge owner


If you are a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, you can now benefit from sharing your CICM Qualifications in addition to your membership level with the Digital Membership Cards.



How to get our new digital badges


To get a CICM Qualification digital badge, Members will need to have gained a CICM Qualification from 2004 and onwards and will need to be a current member. In the coming weeks, you will receive an email from Credly, inviting you to receive your digital badge.  All you need to do, is accept and share your achievement.


This digital badge will contain information describing your qualification and will allow you to easily share your achievement to LinkedIn and other platforms


What do I do when I receive the digital badge?


  • You will receive an email from Credly inviting you to accept your badge.
  • Click the button in the email.
  • Create and confirm your Credly account.
  • Accept your qualification badge and start sharing!

Need help? Find a step-by-step tutorial video at this link.


What are the benefits of a digital badge?

  • Easily manage, share, and verify your CICM qualifications, knowledge and skills.
  • Increase the credibility of your achievement and your desirability of potential employers.
  • Connect your skills with active job opportunities.


Take advantage of this CICM benefit and enjoy the professional recognition afforded by the Credly badging programme. If you have questions, or you have not received an email from Credly, please contact us at