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CICM Frequently Asked Questions


Membership FAQ

You can join CICM Membership through the CICM Membership Types page and clicking 'apply' on the grade you wish to join at. For professional grades (Associate, Member and Fellow) you will be required to submit an application form which will be assessed before you are made a member. The CICM Membership team will be handling this and are available to contact for any questions on  
Keep an eye on your inbox and messages. You should receive communications from CICM ahead of your renewal and instructions on how to renew. You can renew right from your members area in the 'my subscription' section. If you have not seen any communications from us, you can find options to renew your subscription here. If you have not seen any communications from us, you can find options to renew your subscription here.
When you apply to Associate, Member or Fellow grades, the Membership team will receive your application form and submit it to our assessor's. Then, the assessor's will validate your attached evidence against the CICM Professional Standards and the decision will be made on whether your application for your grade was successful. This can take a bit of time, but we're more than happy to let you know where your application is at during the current stage. Email if you have any further questions.
We recommend that you look at our guide to membership application to take you through which professional grade is right for you and how to apply.
When you submit your application, you will be asked to confirm that you have sent the Sponsor Comments form link to your two Sponsors and given them a deadline of one week. Click for the Sponsor forms: AssociateMemberFellow. The sponsor should be someone who you work with who can give examples of your recent work and impact it’s had.  This should be your line manager or a client.  Your second sponsor should be a peer at work or previous line manager. If you have a team working for you, please do not ask them for a sponsor statement in this circumstance, as it’s unlikely they will showcase your skills and experience as well as your manager, peers or clients. If it is not possible for your manager to support your application you may ask a suitable alternative, please provide reasons why when you submit your application. It is not necessary for sponsors to be a CICM member.

Qualifications FAQ

You can find all the CICM Exam timetables on the corresponding pages: Online Exams can be taken at any time.
You should be registered as a studying member to take CICM examinations or assessments. If you are studying via an apprenticeship please contact us separately. Apply for studying membership.
Choose the topic you wish to study and the way you wish to study. We have a variety of ways to study towards your qualification, take a look at our CICM Credit Academy page for further information
Estimated time for each qualification is below: Credit & Collections Money & Debt Advice Taking Control of Goods  
We offer virtual classes throughout the year. Usually, starting January/June/September although these are subject to demand and learner requirements. You can start supported or unsupported home study at any time. To find out more about methods of study click here.

Assessment fees

CICM Assessment Fees per unit

Online exams £114
Non-UK online exams £134
Other assessments (written exams and submitted assignments) £110
Late entry (for up to two weeks after entry deadline) £144

Exemption Fees (for qualifications from other awarding bodies) per unit

Initial Assessment Fee  £40
Exemptions and credit fee £114

Learning Materials per unit

CICM study text £45 Knowledge test questions £99 +VAT

General Information

For CICM Awarding Organisation Policy on Invoicing, click here.
Purchase Knowledge test questions here.
Level 2 Online Exam – Taking Control of Goods - 75% Level 2 Pass Level 2 assignments – Credit Control/Collections - 40% Level 2 Pass Level 3 Online Exams – Credit Management and Business Environment - 75% Level 3 Pass Level 3 Online Exam – Business Law - 60% Level 3 Pass Level 3 Assignments - 50% Level 3 Pass Level 3 Written exam – Accounting Principles - 50% Level 3 Pass Level 4 Assignments - 50% Level 4 Pass Level 4 written exam – HCE (Law & Regulations) - 50% Level 4 Pass Level 5 assignments - 75% Level 5 Distinction
Yes.  The CICM has a duty to ensure that the integrity of CICM qualifications and assessment is maintained at all times.  However, at the same time the Institute and CICM centres have a duty to ensure that the rights of individual candidates to access qualifications and assessment in a way most appropriate for their individual needs are upheld. Equality legislation and the regulatory criteria give support and guidance to the CICM and centres in creating an inclusive assessment process. For details of our full policy please click here.
If you are unwell contact the CICM awarding body for advice as soon as possible T: 01780 722 900 or E: If you are unwell during the exam, you can be taken into special consideration at the time of marking.
Travel problems Candidates are advised to allow plenty of time to travel to their exam centre, taking into consideration, traffic and weather conditions. If a candidate cannot attend the exam centre due to traffic jam or delays in public transport, then no compensation or re-arrangement of exam can be requested from Pearson Vue or CICM. Force Majeure We have defined force majeure to include: • Act of God • Outbreaks of hostilities, riots, insurrections, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, sabotage, embargo, blockade of acts of war • The act of any government or authority • Interruption or failure of utility service, including but not limited to electricity, gas or water • Fire, explosion, storm, flood, bad weather or earthquake. If a candidate cannot attend due to a force majeure event as above, our terms and conditions state that we will take all steps reasonably necessary to mitigate the effects of the force majeure event. For online exams, candidates are advised to contact Pearson Vue directly to see if an alternative centre can be sourced. For written exams, candidates should contact CICM Awarding Body as soon as possible. Illness on the day of the exam If you cannot attend the exam centre due to illness on the day of the exam, please contact CICM Awarding Body directly. CICM will need to receive a doctor’s note or similar to enable fees to be transferred to the next exam series, otherwise, fees will be forfeited. Cancellation of exams For written exams or assignment submission, if you do not attend the exam centre or cancel their exam by the published dates, then your entry fees are forfeited. You can cancel your online examination up to 48 working hours before the exam, after this date, no refund of fees will be available. Issues at exam centres For online exams, if you attend an exam centre and, for reasons not within your control, the centre is unavailable, please contact Pearson Vue directly on T: +44 (0)161 855 7328 in the first instance and Pearson Vue will do their best to source an alternative centre. Should an alternative centre not be available, or you are unable or unwilling to travel to the alternative centre, then Pearson Vue will provide a voucher for you to re-book your exam for the next series, free of charge. Please note, however, that it is Pearson Vue policy that should you decide to go ahead and sit your re-scheduled exam and not to defer your exam to the next series, no further compensation or adjustments to results can be made. For written exams, CICM will do their best to provide you with suitable accommodation for your exam, however, if this is not possible, CICM will transfer the fee paid to the next available series. Please click here for access to our full terms and conditions. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact CICM Awarding Body at E:
If you fail, don't panic! You can resit the exam at the next sitting or you can request a clerical check, re-mark or re-mark with report for a small fee. For information about CICM arrangements for candidates or centres to enquire about, or appeal against assessment or other decisions, contact
Yes, by studying for CICM qualifications you automatically qualify to apply for an TOTEM card – just apply online.
Entry to the Level 5 Diploma assumes completion or exemption from Level 3 Diploma knowledge units: Credit Management, Accounting Principles, Business Environment and Business Law. For further information on Credit Management qualifications please click here.
If you are an MCICM(Grad), MCICM or FCICM with a degree level qualification and interested in teaching contact, for further details click here.
Yes, CICM awards the Sir Roger Cork prize  to the candidate who achieves the highest aggregate marks for CICM examinations within one calendar year. 
CICM is committed to supporting candidates through their studies including dealing with any potential incidents of malpractice or maladministration which could lead to learners being disadvantaged. The term ‘malpractice’ covers any deliberate actions, neglect, default or other practice that compromises or could compromise the: Assessment process Integrity of a regulated qualification Validity of a result or certificate Reputation and credibility of the CICM Qualification or the wider qualifications community. CICM investigates any cases of suspected malpractice or maladministration as explained. Potential sanctions include: Results of those involved have their result withdrawn and are barred from entering further CICM qualifications A coach receives no further work from the Institute A learning provider is reported to Ofqual Please click here for CICM’s Malpractice and Maladministration Arrangements in our policy document for further information. If you believe that another learner, your tuition provider or employer is compromising your learning or assessment prospects, for instance, by providing copies of your completed assignments to other learners, which you believe could lead to an increased risk of plagiarism, the CICM can put measures in place to protect your work. Firstly, you need to contact to outline the reasons for your concerns. You can also write to us at: Tracey Turville, Awarding Body Officer, 1 Accent Park, Orton Southgate, PETERBOROUGH, PE2 6XS The CICM will treat your concerns sensitively and in confidence and will consider how best to protect candidates, if relevant, during and after any investigation activity.
For pricing of qualifications, you can see all details of costs here

Taking Control of Goods FAQ

To register with CICM – download the registration form and return that to us with payment before booking your exam with Pearson Vue.
Book your online assessment with our partners Pearson VUE.  Assessment is by computer-based multiple-choice exams held in centres in most towns and cities throughout the UK. To book your exam, please contact Pearson VUE on 0161 855 7328 or via their website.  You will need the following information to make your booking: Name Candidate/Membership number Exam Title – Taking control of Goods Exam code – 6TCG Preferred exam centre – see Preferred date Preferred time Credit/debit card For more detailed information please click here.
The one-hour qualifying exam involves 60 multiple choice questions – see 6 free sample questions. The pass mark is 75%.
Book your online assessment with our partners Pearson VUE. Assessment is by computer-based multiple-choice exams held in centres in most towns and cities throughout the UK. Please click here to find your most convenient centre. You will be able to book online your appointment at a Pearson VUE centre up to three months in advance either by contacting Pearson VUE on 0161 855 7328 or via the Pearson VUE website – you will need your ICM registration number and a credit or debit card to pay for your exam. Please remember that availability at testing centres reduces the later you leave it. Appointments fill up quickly and so book early to avoid disappointment. Please allow at least 48 hours for your affiliate application to be processed before booking online.
The qualifying exam involves two fees: registering as a Studying member of CICM for £114 and £100 exam fee CICM Learning material is now included when you have registered as a Studying member.
Yes, CICM has partnered with the High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA), the Local Authority Civil Enforcement Forum (LACEF) and the Certified Enforcement Agents Association (CEAA) to develop a cost-effective way for enforcement agents to update on enforcement law and best practice, regardless of how they initially qualified or their area of work. The learning package includes a fully revised Taking Control of Goods Guidance booklet which is relevant for every enforcement agent and has simply explained answers to main questions. The benefits are that enforcement agents can update their knowledge anytime, anywhere and produce a CPD Certificate which could be used to prove continuous professional development to a judge. The package’s 60 multiple choice questions are perfect too for enforcement agents preparing for the Taking Control of Goods qualification which is required when first applying for a certificate to act as an enforcement agent. This package is free when you have registered as a Studying Member of CICM. To register as a member please click here. To receive login details for the support package contact E: or T: 01780 722909.

Level 5 Diploma in Credit Management

This is the Institute’s degree level qualification which entitles you to graduate membership and post nominal letters MCICM(Grad). The qualification is regulated by Ofqual.
Credit Controllers, Analysts or Team Leaders who would like to move to more senior roles or experienced Credit Managers who need to consolidate their experience with qualifications.
  • Essential knowledge about key credit management areas.
  • Opportunities to carry out useful projects at work and learn new skills, e.g. report writing, process improvement, self
  • assessment, project management.
  • Increased ability to innovate, lead teams and operate in complex business environments.
  • Graduate status and the option to progress to higher level qualifications.
  • Strategic planning
  • Advanced credit risk management
  • Compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements
  • Process improvement
  • Strategic communications and leadership
  • Legal proceedings and insolvency
There are various classes, virtual classrooms and supported distance learning or you could study independently – all core units have study guides and recommended texts.  Contact T: +44 (0)1780 722909 or E: to find out more.
CICM may be able to arrange exemptions for you from relevant older Level 5 units towards the new qualification from August. Contact E: for further information.
Exemptions for old QCF Level 5 Diploma units
Old QCF Level 5 Diploma Credit New Level 5 Diploma Credit
Map the organisational environment 6 Strategic Planning 10
Develop a customer focused organisation 5 Strategic Communications and Leadership 10
Developing and leading teams 4
Credit Risk Management 8 Advanced Credit Risk Management 10
Evaluate compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements 6 Compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements 10
Monitor and review business processes 3 Process improvement 10
Legal Proceedings and Insolvency 8 Legal Proceedings and Insolvency 10
Total Credits (plus 10 optional credits) 40  Total Credits (no optional credits required) 60 
    Exemptions for old pre-QCF Level 5 Diploma units
Old QCF Level 5 Diploma New Level 5 Diploma Credit
Practical Credit Management Project * Strategic Planning 10
Strategic Communications and Leadership 10
Advanced Credit Management Advanced Credit Risk Management 10
Process improvement 10
Credit Management Law Compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements 10
Legal Proceedings and Insolvency Legal Proceedings and Insolvency 10
Total Credits  60
* Depending on the content of the project   The Institute will assess exemptions for any earlier units or for other business related qualifications on an individual basis, following standard exemption arrangements. There will be no exemption fee to carry out work related to former CICM qualifications.