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Introduction to Credit Risk Assessment – Workshop Programme


Bad debts hurt businesses. You can reduce this risk if you know how to assess credit risk. This workshop uses customer identification, credit applications and credit reference agencies to show you how to assess credit risk. By using credit limits and monitoring processes, you will develop the skills needed to take reasonable and measured risks that maximise your organisation’s income without over exposure to bad debt risk.


What will you gain?

· More profitable sales for the organisation

· Preventative measures for bad debt

· Framework for a credit policy

· Sources of information to aid credit risk assessment

· Ways to handle insolvency and fraud.


Who is it for?

Aimed at those who are new to credit risk assessment work or wish to gain basic understanding of this aspect of the order-to-cash cycle.


What will it cover?

· Importance of credit and credit risk policy

· The effect of bad debt and its prevention

· Credit assessment: who are our customers?

· Overview of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet

· Insolvency and fraud

· Monitoring credit limits and processing orders

· Risk categories and credit scores.


This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

BS 1 Strategy and policy

BS 3 Know your customer

BS 4 Financial and data interpretation

PS 1 Communication and relationship-building

B1 Inquiring; B3 Resolute; B4 Resilient; B5 Ethical.