Consumer Telephone Collections

The Consumer telephone Collections unit aims to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for consumer telephone collections.

33 Guided Learning Hours 105 Total Qualification Time

Syllabus topics

Consumer telephone collection (15%)

Role of consumer telephone collectors in organisation

Qualities required for consumer telephone collections work

Organisational measurement of quality of telephone collections

Consumer collections with main customer types (15%)

  • Handling of consumer collection calls with main customer types
  • Identification of customers in vulnerable circumstances
  • Handling calls with vulnerable customers

Rules relating to consumer telephone collections (10%)

  • Key laws and regulations
  • Key organisational rules required to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Conducting consumer telephone collection calls (30%)

  • Essential checks at start of consumer collections
  • Developing dialogues with customers
  • Vocal techniques used in commercial collections calls
  • Questions used to build an accurate picture of a customer’s situation
  • Establishing an affordable repayment plan
  • Reaching a commitment and closing a call
  • Post call action
  • Importance of accurate call records

Effective negotiation (20%)

  • Assertiveness during consumer collections calls
  • Influencing techniques used during consumer collection calls
  • Overcoming resistance during consumer collections calls
  • Negotiation in a consumer collections call
  • Handling disputes and verbal abuse

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