Credit Risk Management

This unit aims to develop the credit risk management knowledge and skills of advanced credit controller and debt collection specialists.

Syllabus topics

1. Credit risks of an organisation (8%)

  • Factors that affect credit risk

2. Organisational management of credit risk (25%)

  • Legal and regulatory requirements to reduce credit risk
  • Organisational policies and procedures framework
  • Tools and systems available

3. Stakeholder contribution to credit risk process (17%)

  • Role of internal and external stakeholders
  • Different stakeholder requirements.

4. Credit risk assessment work (25%)

  • Assessment of credit risk
  • Justification of credit decisions or recommendations
  • Handling customer complaints or disputes.

5. Reflective practice (25%)

  • Evaluation of credit risk performance
  • Assessment of changes in approach and outcome
  • Action planning to improve performance.


  • One written assignment.

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