Seven habits of highly effective credit professionals

Inspired by the work by Covey1, this interactive workshop uses the ‘Seven Habits’ principles as a framework to support individuals and teams to get the best out of themselves and others. Using theory and ‘story-telling’ via presentations, videos, group exercises, discussions, and psychometrics, participants take responsibility for incorporating personal, team and organisational learning.

What you will gain from this training course:

  • Improved self-awareness and self-generated actions
  • Greater engagement with stakeholders
  • Increased productivity
  • More satisfied clients, customers and colleagues.


Who this training course is for:

Individuals looking to enhance their career development and teams who are looking to be more effective and collaborative. Also suitable for leaders and managers at all levels


What this training course session will cover:

  • How to take responsibility for everything that happens to you
  • Focusing on end goals, and prioritising time
  • Building long lasting relationships
  • Positive interactions
  • Value of empathy, diversity, and continuous learning and development


This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

BS 5 Innovation and change

PS 3 Support and influencing

PS 4 Passion for learning and drive for results

PS 5 Team working and leadership

B1 Inquiring; B3 Resolute; B5 Ethical.