Reflect and Develop

A thought-provoking training session designed to give you clear takeaways toward your Continuing Professional Development. This trainer-guided interactive programme uses a recognised reflective model of development to help you assess your current skills position and identify gaps and opportunities.

What you will gain from this training course:

  • A clear understanding of your existing abilities
  • Better awareness of gaps in your knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • Tools to fill those gaps effectively and successfully
  • Greater confidence, pride and understanding in your current role
  • A roadmap to meet your career goals and job aspirations.


Who this training course is for:

This training is suitable for all those keen to take control of their own professional development. Whether it’s a skills check for those wanting to be the best in their role; or a tool for planning career advancement, it will give every credit professional what they need to harness their Continuing Professional Development and make it work for them.


What this training course session will cover:

  1. Reflection – assessing existing skills, knowledge and behaviours
  2. Evaluation – observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation
  3. Gap analysis – identifying development areas and how they serve your goals
  4. Road map – tangible tools to move a workable plan to implementation.
  5. Future proofing – learning how to make CPD truly continuous.


This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

BS 1 Strategy and policy

BS 5 Innovation and change

PS 2 Problem-solving and decision-making

PS 4 Passion for learning and drive for results

B1 Inquiring; B2 Future Focused; B3 Resolute.