Understanding Financial Accounts in Risk Assessment

Unpick the mysteries of the books, by delving into financial accounts with a qualified and experienced trainer. With a firm objective of uncovering B2B credit risk, your trainer will guide you through the maze of assets and liabilities, ratios and performance indicators, to give you the information you need to assess creditworthiness and flag risk. This extensive training runs as a day course or virtually across 3 sessions.

From this training course, you will learn:


  • Translated accounts language to use in credit assessment work
  • Interpretation of credit risk using financial accounts, measures and ratios
  • Quicker and more frequent red-flag warnings before financial loss occurs
  • Competent use of credit reports
  • Portfolio of key indicators to credit risk
  • More robust management of higher risk accounts.

This training course is for:

This training course is for individuals that need a more in-depth approach to credit risk assessment. It is particularly useful to those handling higher risk accounts and who require knowledge of accounts and ratio interpretation to make credit decisions and recommendations.

What will you learn from this training course?


  • Team objectives and importance of risk assessment
  • Financial accounts categories
  • Working capital and gearing
  • Measuring financial performance
  • Using key ratios
  • Warning signs in results and trends
  • Credit Report information and other key indicators
  • Solutions to mitigate higher risk accounts.