01 Mar 2024
by Quadient

International Women’s Day series: Women in Finance Leadership with Quadient

Join our corporate partner Quadient for a series of International Women's Day themed events

On Wednesday 13 March 2024, we will be getting together at The Swan in London to celebrate women shaping the future of finance.

This is an event where women in finance leadership and their allies will get together to make unmatched connections, talk about tech and finance trends that are shaping the world and discuss how we can better support and inspire the next generation of female leaders within our sector.

The evolving landscape of the finance function and how we can drive a positive change for women in the industry

One of the key themes of International Women’s Day 2024 is supporting women and girls in leadership, decision-making, business and STEM. To unwrap this topic and dig deeper into what is changing and how we can be the driving force behind a positive change, we have invited a panel of prominent female leaders from the order-to-cash, AI and cyber-security sectors to share their unique perspectives, experiences and views.

Here are some questions we will aim to unwrap in this discussion:

· Why do women in finance and tech matter?

· What trends and technologies are shaping the finance profession of the future?

· What is AI’s impact on the female workforce in finance and beyond?

· What strategies can help build a successful and resilient career in our sector?

· How can we as leaders inspire more women and girls to pursue studies and careers in finance? Register your interest here


Webinar 1:

How AI will transform the finance function of the future

05/03/2024 4pm GMT

In this session, Sarah Jayne-Martin will chat with Josie West, a Co-Founder & Director at Foil Ltd and an experienced AI specialist, about the impact that AI will have on the future of finance teams, business strategy and how finance leaders can leverage AI without losing the human touch. Some of the questions we will discuss in this session are:


· What AI trends and innovations will impact the finance function of the future?

· How can finance leaders build a winning AI strategy for their business?

· How do we maintain the human connection along with the adoption of AI?

· How can strategic use of AI increase workplace diversity?

· What impact will AI have on job roles and hiring in finance?

· How could AI increase the value of human resources?

· What are the latest trends in AI we should be aware of? Register here


Webinar 2:

A day in the life of a tech-powered AR team

Our guest in this webinar session, Laurence Gallais will share her journey as a Global Collections Analyst and her experience on how a tech-driven and motivated AR team can go the extra mile and become a valuable business partner to various other functions within a business. Some of the questions we will cover are:


· How can teams keep up with the growing business demands?

· What are the key challenges faced by AR teams daily?

· What can you do as an AR and finance leader, to motivate and foster a high-performing team?

· How can automation empower AR teams?

· How can emerging technologies like AI be positively leveraged by the finance team?

· What strategies can AR teams adopt to bring value to the wider business? Register here


Webinar 3:

Cyber security trends and solutions every finance leader needs to know about

19/03/2024 4pm GMT

Cyber Security is instrumental in preventing losses, but is it just a concern for your IT team? Why should AR and AP teams care and how can the finance team help prevent cyber attacks and mitigate their impact? We will tackle these questions and more with this week’s guest speaker Trafenia Salzman who has years of experience in this space. Here are some of the questions we will answer:


· What is the role of cyber security in AR and AP?

· What up-and-coming compliance and regulatory challenges will impact finance teams?

· What trends should finance teams be aware of?

· What is the impact of manual processes on security?

· What impact will the rise of AI have on risk management?

· What are the key risk strategies for CFOs? Register here


Webinar 4:

Why customer experience should be AR's top priority

Many finance departments have a customer experience problem, and this impacts revenue. Join Nicole Dwyer and Sarah-Jayne Martin to learn how finance can prioritize customer experience and use it as a revenue-generating opportunity. You will find out answers to questions like:


· What the customer experience problem is in AR

· The best practices you need to embrace to optimize the AR customer experience

· How digitising interactions builds better customer relationships

· Ways to establish your team as an extension of the customer service function

· The technological capabilities you need to succeed Register here

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