20 Feb 2024
by Peter Wallwork FCICM

The CICM's Lifeline: Members' Financial Support Fund

This initiative extends a helping hand to members facing hardship, offering confidential and timely financial assistance when they need it most.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to experience a sudden financial storm, being unsure where to turn for help. For members of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM), that storm might just clear with the relaunch of the Members' Financial Support Fund, formerly known as the Benevolent Fund. This initiative extends a helping hand to members facing hardship, offering confidential and timely financial assistance when they need it most.

More Than Just Fundraising:

This is more than just a relaunch. With your help, the CICM can make a tangible difference in members' lives during their most vulnerable moments.

Impact in Action:

From providing mobility scooters for members with disabilities to supporting the education of dependents when illness strikes, the fund has been a silent pillar of strength. It has also facilitated job searches with essential equipment and even contributed to critical medical expenses which can also be filled out below.

Seeking a Helping Hand:

Financial hardship can be isolating, but members facing such challenges shouldn't walk alone. If you need help, the application process is readily available on the CICM website. Simply search for "financial support fund" to access all the details and take that first step towards regaining stability.

I am facing Financial Hardship

The CICM Members' Financial Support Fund (formerly known as the CICM Benevolent Fund) was established in 1994 to assist members or former members of the Institute, or their dependents, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.  The Fund has been used to assist members of the Institute in various ways.  It has:

  • Financed the purchase of a mobility scooter for a disabled member
  • Helped finance the studies of the daughter of a member who became unexpectedly ill
  • Financed the purchase of computer equipment to assist an unemployed member set up a business
  • Contributed towards the purchase of an orthopedic bed for one member whose condition was thereby greatly eased
  • Helped with payment for a drug, not available on the NHS, for medical treatment of another member.

Any member, or former member, finding themselves in difficult circumstances and requiring financial assistance.


Subscription support

CICM membership is particularly valuable when seeking employment.  Members who have been made redundant, and can demonstrate they are suffering hardship as a result, can apply for support through the payment of their membership subscription for one year.  An application can be made at any time and a supporting letter explaining the circumstances should be submitted to [email protected].

 If you are in need of subscription support – Please fill out the subscription support form below. Terms and conditions apply and CICM reserves the right to refuse or withdraw funding benefits at any time.

Subscription support must be applied for on an annual basis at the time of renewal and is awarded for a maximum of 2 years concurrently. 

CICM reserves the right to refuse any application for subscription support. 

Data Privacy

The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) holds and processes your ‘personal data’ in order to give you the full benefits of being a Member, on the lawful basis of legitimate interest.

We will from time to time ask you to update your details to ensure we can communicate effectively. At all times, you will have the option to opt-in or unsubscribe from communications or change your preferences.



Building a Stronger Community:

The fund's success relies on the collective strength of the CICM community. Here's how you can be a part of it:

  • Spread the word: Share information about the fund with fellow members, ensuring everyone knows there's help available.
  • Consider donating: Your contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a world of difference for a member in need. Contact us to make a donation at [email protected].
  • Be a source of support: Check in on colleagues, foster open conversations about financial well-being, and create a culture of understanding and empathy.

Remember, the CICM stands with its members. Together, we can build a safety net of support where no one faces financial hardship alone. Let's rewrite the narrative, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and resilience, hand-in-hand.

Hear from the Members Financial Fund Committee Chair