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Best Practice skills to assess credit risk – Training Programme

This training session helps you understand credit risk. It gives you the knowledge, tools and techniques to assess your customers and  recommend the appropriate risk controls. By working through the stages of credit risk assessment and using the financial and non-financial information available to you, you will build a best practice approach to better risk assessment.


What will you gain?

• Information sources for greater risk visibility

• Useable processes for practical risk assessment

• Confidence to make or recommend tangible credit decisions

• Maximised sales within a controlled risk environment.


Who is it for?

This training is suitable for anyone tasked with vetting new or existing B2B customers for credit risk. The best practice approach will benefit those new to the role and those who have been working in risk assessment for a while.


What will it cover?

1. Risk and reward – The purpose of risk control and the balance of objectives.

2. Credit risks – Identifying the main risks and how to reduce them.

3. Sales maximisation – How to manage risk in a growth-focused environment.

4. Approach to risk assessment – The three-step approach to assessing the credit risk of a customer.

5. Applying tools and techniques – Use of data, credit limits, risk categories, securities and terms.

6. Decision making – Creating justifiable recommendations for credit parameters.

7. Risk assessment PR – Risk assessment opportunities and sales profitability.


This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

BS 1 Strategy and policy
BS 2 Business and regulatory acumen
BS 3 Know your customer/client
BS 4 Financial and data interpretation
PS 1 Communication and relationship-building
PS 2 Problem-solving and decision-making
B1 Inquiring;
B2 Future Focused;
B3 Resolute;
B4 Resilient;
B5 Ethical