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What are CICM Professional Standards?

CICM Professional Standards are the globally defining standards for all professionals in the credit and debt management industry. They outline the roles, skills and behaviours of members in the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. CICM Professional Standards help you to define, compare and develop on new and existing skills for your professional development.

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CICM Professional Model

 Chartered Institute of Credit Management Professional Standards Model

Credit and Debt Management Specialisms

Credit and debt management is a dynamic function essential to the success and survival of organisations.

The size of teams depends on the nature of the organisation and can vary from a single, experienced credit manager for a business to large teams of over 50 credit controllers and debt collection specialists in organisations such as banks, utilities companies and government departments. Some operations provide third party services for other organisations and specialise in debt collection, debt purchase or other allied services such as debt recovery, litigation or enforcement

The diagram below summarises key credit management and debt management specialisms. You can navigate through each specialism and benchmark yourself on the standard.

Model of all the technical specialisms in credit management