6 Ways Automation Mitigates Fraud Risk in Invoice-to-Cash

Levels of fraud in the UK more than doubled in 2023 to £2.3billion and the number of reported cases was up by 18% to a three-year high1. Economic instability, the growing influence of automation, tightening regulations and the fight against corruption has catapulted risk management and fraud prevention to the top of the to-do list for AR and Finance departments. The invoice-to-cash cycle, which covers a myriad of transactions and interactions with customers, is at high risk for attempted fraud, both internally and externally. Making risk management a priority and optimising processes by implementing effective organisational practices and strategies can help businesses protect themselves from these threats. Join our live webinar as Martyn Brooke explores ways that accounts receivable automation can help teams tackle a rise in fraudulent activities and payment anomalies.

Fraudtrack 2024, BDO.

Mr Martyn Brooke

Mr Martyn Brooke

Credit Management Specialist, Esker

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