North East Branch Student Forum - Writing Level 5 Assignments

Join CICM North East's webinar for expert insights on merging practical knowledge with theory, ensuring legal compliance, and conquering word count challenges.

Level 5 assignments give learners advanced knowledge about Credit, Collections and the wider business environment. Apply practical knowledge and experience to theoretical methodologies, legal and regulatory compliance. Level 5 is for “Credit controllers, analysts, department managers or team leaders who would like to move to more senior roles or experienced credit managers who need to consolidate their experience with qualifications.” 



  • The jump from Level 3 to Level 5
  • Choosing 4 of the 6 assignments
  • Tips on assignment writing and studying
  • Use of appendices
  • The challenge of keeping within the word count
  • Experience from current and past Learners
  • Questions 

Mr Paul Woodward MCICM (Grad)


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