High Court Enforcement Exam

Everything you need to book your CICM High Court Enforcement exam; How to book your exam, your ID requirements, and how to practice your exam.

January Timetable

January 2024
Date What
27 November 2023 Exam entry opens
5 January 2024 Written exam entry form deadline
(standard fee – £126)
12 January 2024 Late exam entry form deadline (late
entry fee – £156)
15 January 2024 / 19 January 2024 Exam Delivery Dates
28 March 2024 Results issued

March Timetable


March 2024
Date What
2 February 2024 Exam entry opens
1 March 2024 Written exam entry form deadline
(standard fee – £126)
8 March 2024 Late exam entry form deadline (late
entry fee – £156)
18 March 2024 / 22 March 2024 Exam Delivery Dates
24 May 2024 Results issued

June Timetable

June 2024
Date What
29 April 2024 Exam entry opens
31 May 2024 Written exam entry form deadline
(standard fee – £126)
7 June 2024 Late exam entry form deadline (late
entry fee – £156)
17 June 2024 / 21 June 2024 Exam Delivery Dates
23 August 2024 Results issued

October Timetable


October 2024
Date What
26 August 2024 Exam entry opens
27 September 2024 Written exam entry form deadline
(standard fee – £126)
4 October 2024 Late exam entry form deadline (late
entry fee – £156)
14 October 2024 / 18 October 2024 Exam Delivery Dates
20 December 2024 Results issued

How Do I Book My High Court Enforcement (Law and Regulations) Exam?

Be a Member with CICM – you will then receive a membership number. This is also your candidate number that is used when booking. If you are not a member, join now.


Book your High Court Enforcement Exam

Before you book, you must have already submitted all of your assignments.


Exam entries are open

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Exam ID Requirements

Accounting Principles and High Court Enforcement exam ID requirements

Your On-Boarding Agent will check your ID and system settings before handing you over to your ‘Exam Proctor’ to start your exam. You will be required to present one form of identification:

ID must be current, valid (i.e. not expired), and contain your name exactly as registered, photograph and signature:

· A valid/ current passport of any country

· A government issued photo driving licence (full or provisional)

· A government issued state/country identification card

· A government issued alien registration card, green card or permanent resident’s visa

You will not be admitted to the test, and will lose your fee, if you fail to present the correct identification or have not completed the system test prior to the exam taking place.

Read Instructions for CICM Proctored Exams


Please read these instructions carefully before attending the examination

1. You will require a reliable pc/laptop with a strong internet connection and a power supply. You will also require a smart phone with power supply to access Microsoft teams throughout the exam. You are responsible for arranging accommodation and equipment for your exam which meets CICM exam requirements. CICM will contact you (via teams) at least 7 days prior to your exam appointment to complete a system check.

2. Microsoft teams is the recording platform used throughout the exam which is required on your mobile phone. Your mobile phone must be supported vertically throughout the exam i.e., on a stand or in a clear pint glass. CICM staff will organise and schedule Microsoft Teams through an outlook calendar and email all required invites to you. You need to click the join link invite to access teams If this is your first time using teams, you can join using the browser or if preferred you can download the app.

3. You should log into the knowledge hub at least 30 minutes prior to the time scheduled for your exam and show your required ID to the Proctor, as stated in CICM Guidance. You will not be admitted to the exam and will lose your fee if you fail to present the correct identification.

4. Make sure you can access CICM Knowledge Hub and the CICM Members area and bring your CICM username and password to the exam. Please note that you will not be able to access any resources on CICM Knowledge Hub during your exam, or up to 90 minutes before and after your exam.

5. You must not take into the area which you have chosen as the proctored exam room any books, dictionaries, paper, memoranda or other items likely to assist you in answering the questions. Possession of unauthorised items, such as, but not limited to a Smart watch, Google Glasses, tablet, MP3 player, e-reader or similar communication/storage/recording/listening device is an infringement of regulations and could result in disqualification from the exam.

6. You must ensure that you are fully equipped. You are permitted to use a transparent ruler and small wipeable white board with erasable pen require a whiteboard. Before the exam starts, you must show the clean white board to the Proctor who will confirm that it is clean, and the Proctor will ask you to wipe it clean upon completion of the exam.

7. Water in a clear glass or bottle is allowed during the exam; however, eating, smoking, and chewing gum are prohibited. 8. The use of battery operated non-programmable calculators is permitted High Court Enforcement exams only. Calculators with any of the following facilities are prohibited

  • Mobile phone calculators
  • Data banks
  • Dictionaries
  • Language translators
  • Retrieval of text or formulae
  • QWERTY keyboards
  • Remote communication with other machines.

9. You will not be able to sit your exam if you are late, and you will lose your fees. CICM allows no extra time to compensate for late arrival.

10. You will be required to sign non-disclosure statements and terms before the start of your exam. You will not be permitted to sit the exam if you refuse to:

  • comply with onscreen terms and rules
  • conduct room scan
  • remove prohibited materials
  • remove people from exam testing area.

11. The Exam Proctor will supply you with a password which you will need to type into access your exam.

12. You are not permitted to communicate in any way with other persons during the exam except the exam proctor via teams

13. As your exam is long, you are allowed one 5 minute break during the exam. At that time, you may leave your desk to use the restroom.

14. After the first hour, you may leave the examination temporarily for a break, with the permission of the Exam Proctor, but you must not refer to notes and you must return within 5 minutes. The Exam Proctor will note your time of departure and report any absences of greater than 5 minutes, which will be investigated by CICM and action maybe taken in line with CICM Malpractice Policy.

15. If you have a concern during the exam, you can speak to the Proctor via Microsoft teams. If you experience hardware or software problems, or distractions that affect your ability to take or continue the exam, notify the Proctor immediately.

16. Exam questions are confidential and must not be noted and/or disclosed to others.

17. During the exam your keyboard and internet protocol (IP) activity will be recorded. No access to search engines, files or CICM Knowledge Hub resources is allowed. CICM will investigate all reports of suspicious activity and breaches in confidentiality, and will take action in line with CICM Malpractice Policy.

18. If you have any cause to complain about any aspect relating to your examination, you should submit your views, in writing or by email to CICM Awarding Body within seven working days of the examination.

19. If you have a temporary illness, injury or indisposition at the time of the exam, you can apply for special consideration at the time of marking. However, applications must be made within 7 days of the exam. The same applies for special consideration regarding the conduct of the exam. Unfortunately, we cannot process requests after this time.

15. You must ensure that CICM is informed promptly of any change of address. Failure to do so will result in a delay in receipt of examination results. You can change your details in your CICM Member area.

16. CICM will post your exam results on 26th August 2022 and you will be able to access your results from the CICM Members area from 10:30am on that date for a period of two weeks. You will require your CICM registration number and standard login details to access results from the web.

17. Passwords should be retained in a safe place because results and passwords will not be given over the telephone.

Collect results

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