Dynamic Debt Collections

Want real-world answers to your debt collection challenges? Train with like-minded people, to find solutions. This highly participative training will help you work through your specific issues as a group. With the skill and experience of your trainer, you will develop responses and game plans that puts you back in control of your debt ledger.

The Dynamic Debt Collections Training Course uses realistic case studies to help debt collectors and recovery agents transfer textbook skills into practical action.  

This highly engaging, active training course session allows you to work collaboratively to assess each case, apply appropriate collections techniques, and practice your skills in a safe environment.  

By using a variety of credit and debt collection settings, you will learn how find dynamic, workable solutions to the challenges facing today’s collections and recoveries professionals. 

Who is this training course for? 

This session is suitable for professionals in Debt Collections or Debt Recovery roles. 

If you want to advance your existing skillset or apply your skills to difficult scenarios, this is the training course for you. 


What you will gain 

  • A bumper-pack of tried and tested collection techniques  

  • A safe environment in which to practice your skills  

  • Peer review of approach and effectiveness  

  • Greater confidence in collecting difficult debt  

  • Improved cash collection and customer retention rates 

What the Training Course will cover 

  1. The real deal: the greatest challenges to collecting cash and how to overcome them.  

  1. The Insight: how to read the signs and approach each situation differently.  

  1. The application: Putting agreed techniques into practice using case study scenarios.  

  1. The assessment: peer review of approach and techniques for advanced outcomes. 

Alignment with the CICM Professional Standards 

  • BS 3 Know your customer/client 

  • BS 4 Financial and data interpretation  

  • PS 1 Communication and relationship-building  

  • PS 2 Problem-solving and decision-making  

  • PS 3 Support and influencing  

  • B1 Inquiring 

  • B3 Resolute 

  • B4 Resilient 

  • B5 Ethical 

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