Strengthen the credit-sales relationship

The credit-sales relationship can be a challenging one, but one that should not be ignored. When credit-sales teams work well together, it creates positive outcomes across both departments and throughout the organisation

What you will learn from this training course:

  • Improved relationships and more collaborative working

  • United approach toward organisational aims

  • Reduced friction between departments

  • Practical methods of embedding co-operative working practice

  • Call to action that implements tangible changes to the existing relationship.


Who this training course is for:

This training is open to credit, debt and salespeople, particularly those in the B2B industry. It is suitable for anyone involved in the credit-sales relationship at operational and team leader level and is a useful training tool at managerial level.


What this training course will cover:

1. Importance of interdepartmental relationships

2. Focus on the common goal

3. Recognising conflict and its source

4. Requirements of different departments

5. Ways to build understanding and co-operation

6. Finding common ground

7. Realistic and workable communication

8. Positive PR with our sales counterparts



This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

BS 1 Strategy and policy

BS 5 Innovation and change

PS 1 Communication and relationship-building

PS 5 Team working and leadership

B2 Future Focused; B4 Resilient.