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CICM Membership Benefits

CICM Membership Benefits

As a Chartered Institute of Credit Management member, your knowledge and skills are represented under our defining professional standards for all Credit Management and Collections professionals.

On top of recognition, you will also gain access to a library of exclusive benefits that enhance your career and put you ahead of the curve.

We’re always looking to expand our benefits to increase the value for CICM Members. Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the advancements that we continue to make to CICM Membership.

CICM Exclusive Rewards - Save money on what matters most


Skills of the Credit Future

CICM Professional Standards Credit Management Magazines CICM Membership Card and Digital Badge

CICM Professional Standards

Gain recognition of your knowledge, skills and behaviours as a member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management with our CICM Professional Standards.

These Professional Standards are representative of the skills you have at your current membership level and highlight the next steps in your journey.

Credit Management Magazine

Receive monthly edition of a physical and digital copy of the critically acclaimed Credit Management Magazine, containing worldwide industry news from experts in their fields.

Magazine subscription only opportunities start at £13 a month per issue. Please contact us for more information.

Digital Badges and Membership Cards

Members can easily validate their membership level with a personalised CICM Membership Card hosted by Folio.

Furthermore, qualified members can also share their globally recognised CICM Qualifications with Digital badges, on social media and increasing the credibility of their knowledge and skills.

Continue your learning

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Exclusive Resources, Podcasts and Webinars

Access a library of exclusive resources. From conversations between industry leaders to on-demand best practice webinars, gain the knowledge that keeps you on top of your professional development.

If you aren’t a member, try out some of our FREE Podcast episodes on Spotify!

Knowledge Hub

The CICM Knowledge Hub is the home of your learning.

Access exclusive E-Learning Courses and activities that help keep your skills at the highest level.


Branch events, Newsletters and much more!

As a Member, you will be allocated to a network of like-minded professionals within your region.

Get notified of the latest news in the industry and branch event opportunities near you, that help you to develop, network and transform into the credit professional of tomorrow.

Supporting our Members


CICM Exclusive Rewards

CICM Membership Benefit - Professional Letters Certificates

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CICM Exclusive Rewards

Save money on the things that matter most. Access discounts across a variety of retailers from Food to Retail and more.

Professional Letters

Increase the desirability of your professional profile to your employer and future employers with professional letters.

These letters are representative of the grade of membership and the knowledge and skill set you have achieved.

Increase your credibility and confidence with instant recognition of your abilities as a Chartered Institute of Credit Management member.

Member Support and Advice Service

CICM Members have access to free advice from industry experts within our member advice service from technical, credit, business or legal advice.

Membership can be invaluable when you are seeking employment. To support members that are suffering from redundancy and as a result, financial distress, members can apply for support up to a year of their membership to help them get back on their feet.

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We’re with you through retirement

We even have support for your retirement. If you are a retiring professional, you can apply for the retirement subscription rate so that you don’t lose your benefits. Contact us about your eligibility for the retirement rate.

Additionally, with Guiide, CICM Members can receive jargon-free retirement and finance guidance at absolutely no cost. Try their calculator here.















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