09 Feb 2024
by Luke Sculthorp FCICM, CFH Docmail Limited

CFH forges strategic alliance with Chartered Institute of Credit Management to elevate the credit profession in the construction sector

We are excited to announce a new Corporate Partner.

CFH, a trailblazing specialist in multi-channel mail fulfilment, proudly announces its strategic partnership with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM). This pivotal collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in advancing credit management standards within the financial services sector.

CFH: Innovating Credit Communications:

Renowned as a specialist in multi-channel hybrid mail fulfilment, CFH is dedicated to supporting FCA authorised firms in the credit and collections sector. Leveraging its expertise, CFH champions fair outcomes for customers and facilitates compliant consumer duty communication strategies.

Expressing excitement about the collaboration, Greg Holt, Group Head of Marketing at CFH, stated, "We are thrilled to join hands with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. This partnership underscores our commitment to advancing the credit profession in tandem with a reputable institution like CICM."

CICM's Collaborative Initiative with CFH in the Financial Services Sector:

Within the financial services sector, the Chartered Institute of Credit Management has entered into a transformative collaboration with CFH. The alliance is geared towards enhancing credit management standards and empowering professionals in financial services. CFH's role as a strategic communications partner aligns seamlessly with CICM's mission to foster excellence in credit management practices.

Luke Sculthorp, Head of Strategic Relationships at CICM, shared his enthusiasm, stating, "The Chartered Institute of Credit Management welcomes CFH as a corporate partner. Their expertise in communications and unwavering commitment to the credit and collections sector resonates with our mission to advance the credit profession. This collaboration marks a significant stride in empowering credit management professionals."

CFH's Commitment to Empowering CICM Members:

As a corporate partner, CFH is dedicated to providing CICM members with cutting-edge communication services and strategies tailored for the credit and collections sector. The partnership underscores CFH's commitment to supporting credit management professionals by offering tools and resources that enable informed decision-making.

Anticipating a Transformative Future:

As CFH and CICM embark on this collaborative journey within the financial services sector, both entities foresee transformative outcomes for credit management professionals. Members can anticipate a wealth of resources, expert advice, and support to navigate the intricacies of credit management effectively.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming resources and initiatives that will significantly enhance the value of CICM membership. Together, CFH and CICM are set to elevate credit management standards, empowering professionals to make informed decisions and contribute to the industry's growth.