22 Feb 2024
by Tom Sharman

Community Voice: Jamie Thornton MCICM (Grad)

Meet another member of the community: Jamie Thornton


On this episode of the community voice, we sat down with the Chair of the Sheffield and District branch and also the Head of Accounts Receivable and Billing at TES, Jamie Thornton MCICM (Grad). 

Achievements and a Rewarding Career Path 

Out of Jamie’s experience, he narrowed one of his proud achievements to the time he joined a business and reduced the over 60-day debtors by 21% within the first few months during challenging times. 

One pattern that we’ve seen with these community voice episodes is the reaffirmation of how rewarding a career in Credit Management and Debt Collection can be for those who find themselves within a respective role. 

Challenges and Learning curves 

To achieve great things, you will face your fair share of challenges, and this is no exception for this episode’s speaker.    

One time when Jamie found himself in a high-risk, high-reward situation, Jamie had to pull together a lot of data and information on a new customer. He elaborates on the importance of pulling together with your stakeholders, each person knowing the part they need to play and the balance of commercial gain without challenging the organisation’s position on exposure and risk. 

You can’t just see things on paper and decide, Jamie says, you may require additional documentation and resources that can better inform you such as: Where’s your relationship at? Where’s your margin at? What additional documentation can support you so that you can balance commercial gain without exposing yourself and being protected in the worst-case scenario? 

Dispelling myths and misconceptions of credit control 

Credit Control is commonly thought of as the “Call-Centre” environment. Quoting Philip King FCICM, Jamie states that “so much more goes into the job” and that “Credit Management brings in different aspects of careers, such as: Accountant, Analyst, Detective, Diplomat, Lawyer, Negotiator, Problem-Solver, Risk-Assessor and so much more…” 

Inclusivity, Community and Networking 

Jamie addresses the importance of inclusivity in recruitment and the wider credit community. He states that networking is essential to your own development and growth as a professional. 

AI and Technology 

Furthermore, Jamie like many others, acknowledges the power of artificial intelligence in creating time for credit professionals to apply themselves to tangible tasks rather than menial ones. 

The additional benefits of this is that staff are going to be more invested in tasks, as the menial ones start to get taken away and therefore improves staff retention. 

Jumping back into the Study Saddle 

Jamie underwent CICM Qualifications and saw the Chartered Institute of Credit Management’s Level 3 Diploma as an opportunity to develop himself at the start of his career. 

From there, the rest is history, being drawn into the Branch events to then chairing his branch committee. 

Overall, it was great to sit and speak with Jamie to hear his thoughts and stories. The community voice series is designed for Members of the CICM Community to share their experiences and we want to hear from you. 

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