05 Jan 2024
by Invevo

Invevo How to Unlock Excellence in Credit Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover four key lessons on financial analysis, integrated credit reporting, automated workflows and much more.

Corporate Partner, Invevo, is sharing their free E-book on how to unlock excellence in Credit Management.

What Invevo have shared in their resource:

  • Building a Consolidated Hub: How to integrate credit reporting, automated workflows, and communication tools for seamless operations.
  • How to Utilise Insights: How to analyse financial metrics, improve dispute management, and supports data-driven decisions to reduce DSO.
  • How to Efficiently Resolve Disputes: How to set up a "daisy chain" process and utilise technology for faster dispute resolution and DSO reduction.
  • Create a Collaborative Credit Management Team: Cultivate real-time collaboration and comprehensive reporting for a unified credit management approach.

Download the resource

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