27 Sep 2022
by Paula Uttley

Night at the Museum: Fighting Fraud in a Historic Setting

Sheffield and District Branch members delved into the fascinating world of fraud prevention during a unique "Night at the Museum" event.

Held on September 27th, 2022, the gathering took place within the historic walls of the National Emergency Services Museum, adding a touch of intrigue to the evening's focus on cybersecurity and financial crime.

Unveiling the Top Hacking Threats:

Branch Chair, Jamie Thornton kicked off the event with a lighthearted introduction, reminding everyone to refrain from using the fireman's pole in case of a fire alarm (a nod to the building's former purpose). He then introduced the first speaker, DS Phil Butterworth of South Yorkshire Police's Digital Investigations and Intelligence Unit.

DS Butterworth provided an insightful presentation on the "Top 5 Hacking Topics," exploring areas such as social media hacking, virus attacks, personal data breaches, extortion schemes, and service disruptions. His presentation served as a stark reminder of the ever-present threats in today's digital landscape and the importance of safeguarding our information. Additionally, he offered practical advice on password management and other effective security measures to implement both personally and professionally.

Combating Fraud Together:

Jamie then introduced Darren Hodder from the Fraud Prevention Network. Darren emphasised the collaborative nature of the network in their fight against fraud. He delved into the concerning rise of "Authorised Push Payment (APP) Fraud," highlighting the significant financial losses associated with weak passwords and outdated security practices.

Darren's presentation explored current fraud trends and equipped attendees with practical tips to safeguard themselves and their businesses. Interestingly, the discussion led to members sharing their personal experiences with attempted fraud, some of which even surprised the seasoned expert. This interactive exchange underscored the importance of continued vigilance and reporting suspected fraudulent activity, as everyone agreed: "Fraud seems to be the fastest growing industry."



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