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Effective communication in your credit and collections role – Training Programme


An interactive training session that gives you the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to communicate well in today’s modern credit world. By using well regarded approaches to communication, and placing them in a credit setting, you will be able to make real and practical changes to your own communications. Whether it’s choosing the right communication tool, negotiating a repayment plan with a customer or resolving a disputed term, this training will help you tackle each situation in a sensitive and professional way.


What will you gain?

  • Tools and approaches for handling different credit situations
  • Confidence to manage difficult conversations correctly
  • More win-win outcomes in your customer calls
  • Reduced number of queries and disputes
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention.


Who is it for?

This training is suitable for anyone in a customer facing role, who wants to improve their communication skills. It offers best practice skills to assist credit controllers that are new to the role and works well as a refresher training for all credit staff who want a modern approach to communication in a credit setting.


What will it cover?

  1. Communication tools – selecting the right tool for the right situation.
  2. Customer relationship – best practice approach to building positive relationships
  3. Supporting and Influencing – tools and techniques to maximise success.
  4. Handling queries – difficult conversations and the root of the problem.
  5. Managing complaints and disputes – diffuse and resolve difficult situations.



This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

BS 3 Know your customer/client

PS 1 Communication and relationship-building

PS 2 Problem-solving and decision-making

PS 3 Support and influencing

PS 5 Team-working and leadership

B1 Inquiring; B3 Resolute; B4 Resilient; B5 Ethical


Delivery: online or in person