Creditors’ guide to insolvency

This training session offers you a unique opportunity to access the knowledge and experience of a registered Insolvency Practitioner. Using creditor-familiar settings and language, they will guide you through the different types of insolvency, and the rules and processes surrounding them.

Test your Insolvency Knowledge in 60 seconds

Find out what you know and what you can learn in the "A Creditor's Guide to Insolvency" training session

What you will gain from this training course:

  • Knowledge of the insolvency process and its requirements
  • Confidence to handle incoming insolvency actions
  • More secured dividends because of better handling of an insolvency
  • Early warning signs of insolvency that can prevent unexpected bad debt losses


Who this training course is for:

This training is suitable for everyone who is expected to handle personal or corporate insolvency claims or liaise with Insolvency Practitioners. If an insolvency action lands on your desk and you are unsure how to process it effectively, then this is the training for you.


What this training course session will cover:

  • Types of personal and corporate insolvency

  • Processes, rules and documentation associated with insolvency

  • The role of the Insolvency Practitioner

  • How to claim in an insolvency, and the timelines involved

  • The implications of insolvency and protection of assets

  • Prevention: reasons for business failure and the signs to look out for