06 Jun 2023
by Chartered Institute Of Credit Management

Leaving school? Consider an apprenticeship in credit management

Credit Management Apprenticeship

Are you a school leaver pondering your next move? Choosing between pursuing higher education or diving straight into the workforce can be daunting. However, if you are interested in the world of business and finance, an apprenticeship in credit management could be an excellent option for you. In this blog, we’ll delve into why you should seriously consider making an apprenticeship in credit management your next move.

Practical, on-the-job training

One of the main benefits of an apprenticeship in credit management is that it provides practical, on-the-job training. You learn important skills that help you succeed in any career, such as decision-making, financial analysis, risk assessment, and effective communication. And all while gaining valuable hands-on experience in a real-world setting. You also learn from experienced professionals who can provide guidance and mentorship to help you develop.

Earn while you learn

A significant benefit of pursuing an apprenticeship is earning while you learn because, as an apprentice, you receive a salary alongside valuable work experience. This means you can start making money immediately, avoiding the burden of student debt often accompanying traditional higher education routes. As you progress, you gain more experience and skills, building a solid foundation for a rewarding career in credit management.

In-demand skills

In today’s world, credit management is recognised as a vital business function that can hugely positively impact an organisation’s ability to thrive. By pursuing an apprenticeship in this field, you build an in-demand skill set that helps you get noticed by employers.

 Go further

As you continue your journey, you can expect many career development opportunities. You may aspire to take on a leadership role, specialise in credit risk analysis, or delve into debt recovery. A career in credit management offers a diverse array of paths to explore. An apprenticeship is a great way to find yours!

Personal development

An apprenticeship provides opportunities for personal development too. You learn new skills and gain experience that helps you in your personal and professional life, such as financial planning and time management. You build your confidence, communication skills, and teamwork abilities. All these skills help set you up for success in any career.

Get qualified, get recognised

Taking CICM’s qualifications alongside your apprenticeship opens you to possibilities. You are awarded a CICM Certificate or Diploma in Credit and Collections when you successfully complete the appropriate units. Those studying towards professional qualifications have the opportunity to gain a Level 3 Diploma and Level 5 Diploma in Credit & Collections. As a CICM member, you can use the designation letters ACICM and MCICM and enjoy the recognition and reward this can bring to your career.

Taking an apprenticeship in credit management is an excellent option if you are interested in how business and finance operate. It might be the best decision you ever make.

How to get an apprenticeship in Credit Management

You can get an apprenticeship in Credit Management through the government website, which will bring up all the best results for opportunities in Credit Management near you.