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Cutting through the insolvency paperwork jargon – A guest blog by Menzies LLP

In this week’s guest blog, the Menzies LLP Creditor Services team highlight the areas you should be looking for on receipt of insolvency paperwork and, most importantly, whether there will be a dividend. Priority of payments in a company insolvency The priority of payments in a company insolvency determines where creditors rank in terms of […]

Safe Harbour for Cash in the Perfect Storm – A guest blog by Serrala

Managing Rising Levels of Customer Risk and Insolvencies due to Brexit After several delays, the EU and the UK reached a compromise on Brexit in the very last-minute at the end of 2020 – only seven days before the estimated exit day. They agreed upon transition period that is about to end in June 2021, […]

Hybrid working doesn’t mean sacrificing payment security – A guest blog by Key IVR

Just when you thought the nation couldn’t get more excited for pints in the Pub Garden, the new easing of restrictions this week has meant that many indoor-based organisations, including the entire hospitality and leisure sector, can take that hesitant step back to normality. And I mean “normality” in the loosest of terms. Let’s call […]

Increasing debt and rising fraud – A guest blog by Menzies LLP

Increasing Debt With the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 (“CIGA”) restrictions in place, a creditor is not currently able to petition for a company’s winding up. However, this new legislation does not restrict creditors petitioning for the administration of a company – meaning that where debt is outstanding, there is something that can be […]

The Return of the Crown Preference – A blog by Menzies

A long, long time ago… No, I’m not going to break into a rendition of Don Maclean’s American Pie, although it is a karaoke classic and I am missing the days of friends cramming into a karaoke booth, drinks flowing and us crooning until the early hours thinking we were all excelling in entertaining our […]

Hints and Tips When Pursuing Insolvency Proceedings – A blog by Keebles LLP

Hints and Tips When Pursuing Insolvency Proceedings With fears that insolvencies are set to rise this year once Government support is withdrawn and businesses must ‘stand on their own two feet’, it is important to understand what options are available to creditors to maximise their recovery of undisputed debts. The Debt Recovery team at UK-top […]

Facing A More Certain Future – A blog by Sue Chapple FCICM

11th January 2021 I noted that over Christmas and the New Year they repeated (no pun intended) one of the seminal films of its generation, Groundhog Day. For those less familiar with the intricate nature of the plot, it’s about a man caught in a time loop forcing him to relive a particular day repeatedly. […]

Back yourself to win – by Sue Chapple FCICM

6 November 2020 And so here we go again. Another lockdown. Another period of worry, uncertainty and challenge. But also another opportunity for our members to demonstrate their true worth, and the essential role they play in keeping the wheels of industry turning. The messages in our ‘Managing the new credit future’ still hold true: […]

To have and have not – blog by Sue Chapple FCICM

17 September 2020 It could be a false dawn, but in recent days I’ve sensed a return to some sort of normality. Not a ‘new normal’ but rather some of the ‘old’ normal with a desire for human contact and a relationship with one’s friends and colleagues which isn’t dictated to by the vagaries of […]

Pitfalls to avoid as we emerge from lockdown – guest blog by Menzies LLP

13 August 2020 In this week’s guest blog from Menzies LLP, Bethan Evans, Head of Menzies Creditor Services, discusses the pitfalls that you should avoid as we emerge from lockdown. I am constantly asked how to avoid insolvency and, whilst there are a myriad of different ways depending upon the circumstances of the business, it […]