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Five Ways to Take Control of your Invoice-to-Cash Process – guest blog by Data Interconnect

23 January 2020. Data Interconnect recently undertook a survey with CCR Magazine of 100 credit management leaders at major UK companies. It aimed to understand how the industry’s Invoice-to-Cash (I2C) processes are moving forward. We found significant challenges with every part of the I2C process – from onboarding customers, invoice delivery and dispute resolution to […]

Making the most of 2020 – by Philip King FCICM

16 January 2020 The CICM posed an interesting question on its LinkedIn page this week: “How will you make the most of your CICM membership in 2020?”, and it’s made me think. Throughout my life and career, I’ve joined, and been a member of, many organisations. Some, such as National Trust, for social and leisure […]

Contrasting Fortunes – by Philip King FCICM

09 January 2020 The first weekend business press of the new year was not the most encouraging. Talk of increasing levels of risky mortgages, underwhelming Christmas supermarket sales, the Bank of England opening an investigation into the financial reporting of Wall Street banking giants, internal accounting blunders at one of the major second-tier accountancy firms, […]

Ho Ho No! – by Philip King FCICM

12 December 2019 This will be the last blog I write in 2019 and, along with most of the population, I could observe that I have no idea where this year has gone. Christmas is already upon us. Last weekend I had the joy of taking my second grandson on a steam train to see Santa, […]

Preventing fraud is a game of cat and mouse – guest blog by Graydon UK

05 December 2019. Annually, thousands of businesses fall victim to fraudulent customers. Footlocker, for example, recently got swindled for 1.8 million Euros by a fake company called Ups Consultancy. This case also involved ING being fined on grounds of negligence in its due diligence of fraud and was widely reported on in the media. So, […]

An alternative manifesto on late payment – by Philip King FCICM

28 November 2019       The manifestos are out, the deadline for registering to vote has passed, and the general election is now just two weeks away. Interesting political times and we wait to see what the future will look like. Whatever the outcome of the election, I’m pleased to see that the focus […]

How automating your accounts receivable processes can set you apart from the competition – guest blog by Alistair Nicholas, Managing Director, Esker Northern Europe

14 November 2019 Whether it’s an online shopping survey or feedback on restaurant service, as consumers we are frequently asked to rate our experience of everyday interactions. But why? Because expectations have changed. Today’s customers care more about their experience and the ease of which they can do business with a company. In other words, […]

Best foot forward – by Philip King FCICM

16 October 2019 Just before last weekend, BEIS announced that Paul Uppal had stood down from the role of Small Business Commissioner after two years in the post. I won’t speculate about the background or reasons for his departure. No benefit is derived from pointless or ill-informed comment. What I will say, however, is that […]