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Welcome to the vibrant and thriving community of the Sheffield and District branch. Our commitment to excellence in credit management shines through in the series of enriching events we organise, featuring outstanding speakers and attended by enthusiastic participants.

We understand the immense value of sharing experiences with like-minded professionals and harnessing the collective wisdom of a diverse network of experts and speakers. Our branch is proud to offer these events to professionals in our region, whether you're a familiar face or a newcomer looking to broaden your horizons. Best of all, these events are free to attend, making knowledge and networking accessible to all.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our sponsors, guest speakers, and members for their unwavering support of our branch and its events. We eagerly look forward to connecting with you once more, as well as extending a warm welcome to new members. Together, we are committed to advancing the recognition of credit as a respected and essential profession throughout our region in the upcoming year, 2024.

Are you interested in being an integral part of our journey? Our committee members are selected through a rotational process at our Annual General Meetings. Your active involvement can have a real and meaningful impact, contributing to the realisation of our Institute's goals and benefiting all credit professionals in our area. Join us as we continue to build a thriving and dynamic community dedicated to excellence in credit management.

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Sheffield and District Branch Student Prize

Student Prize.png

The CICM Sheffield & District Branch has funded an annual prize of £150 to be awarded to a student of the branch, who achieves the highest score in any mandatory unit of the Level 3 Diploma. The winners are announced every January. This prize is entirely separate from the Chartered Institute of Credit Management British Credit Awards.


Student Prize criteria


The winner must be a current member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and will need to have achieved the highest grade in the entire region in a CICM Level 3 Diploma Mandatory Award, in any of the following units:

  • Credit Management (Trade, Export & Consumer)
  • Trade Credit Management
  • Consumer Credit Management
  • Export Credit Management
  • Consumer Debt Collection

The winner of the CICM Sheffield & District Branch Student Prize is awarded with a certificate of their achievement and £150. In the circumstance of a draw, the prize may be split between the winners.

Winners will be contacted and notified by CICM HQ and invited by the Sheffield & District Branch Chair to be presented with the award at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or the next branch event.


If there are any questions about the Sheffield and District branch Student Prize, contact [email protected]


Terms and Conditions apply

  • All Qualifying Criteria above are to be met
  • Annual awards are not guaranteed
  • Awards are intended to be made at a value of £150 per student, except in the case of a draw
  • In the event of a draw between students, the Prize Award will be split evenly
  • Prize winners are identified annually each January, based on the previous years results
  • Awards made are dependent on there being active students within the Sheffield & District branch as at each 1 January, who fully meet the qualifying criteria