04 Mar 2024
by Nevin Nice

4 New training course options for the busy credit professional

The CICM launches new training products, take a look.

Are you stressed out and feel you lack the time to get everything completed? Longing to reclaim some work-life balance amid your high workload and feeling demotivated to improve your time management skills? We get it, many of us grapple with similar struggles and it’s okay…until it's not.

Between overflowing inboxes and never-ending meetings, finding time to focus on your professional growth can seem like an impossible feat. That's why our latest training options (Link to training page) are designed with the busy Credit Management and Debt Collection professional in mind.

Online training course you can take any time

CICM has launched three new on-demand bite-sized training courses that can be taken at any time. Here’s a look into each one and who it’s for:

Time Management: 

This training is built from the ground up to transform you into a ‘productivity master’, ridding you of common obstacles you may experience. It is specifically designed to target those who struggle with multitasking, prioritising, overcommitment, procrastination and general time management.

Wash away the stress and get your work life balance back to a healthy status, today.

Influencing, Assertiveness, and Negotiation:

Get more wins out of a situation and successfully handle business interactions. Tailor-made best practice skills will equip you to influence, be assertive, and negotiate effectively.

Scrub up on your influencing, assertiveness, and negotiation skills with this On-Demand Bitesize.

How To Manage Your Priorities:

Specially designed to alleviate the stresses of unmanaged priorities. This training uses three different proven methods to help you accurately differentiate between what is urgent and what is not, leaving you with the ability to capitalise successfully on all occasions. 

Clean your priorities with the new priority management On-Demand training.

The newest training course for Debt Collectors

Designed for professionals in Debt Collections or Debt Recovery roles who wish to advance their existing skillset or apply skills to difficult scenarios. Our Dynamic Debt Collections training course  uses realistic case studies to transfer textbook skills into practical action. This training offers workable solutions to the challenges facing today’s collections and recoveries professionals.

So, which training option is your perfect match? Whether you need short and time-efficient training that can be consumed on demand, any time, anywhere or a deeper look into the greater challenges of Debt Collection, these new training options, as well as our wider training offerings, are a step in the right direction to productivity and effectiveness.

Refresh your teams with CICM training, today.

Reflecting on being a busy credit professional

Remember, combating stress, conquering workloads, and achieving work-life harmony aren't just pipe dreams. With our comprehensive training solutions, you can unlock your full potential, skyrocket your performance, and reclaim control of your professional journey.

Don't let time, stress, or demotivation hold you back.