05 Feb 2024
by Tom Sharman

Community Voice: Rebecca Parsons’ Credit Control Apprenticeship Experience

Rebecca Parsons had a diverse career experience before finding herself in the Credit Control position.

Is it ever too late to start a Qualification?

Prior to completing her Level 2 Apprenticeship in Credit Control, Rebecca was a Credit Admin. She mentioned the challenge she faced with taking on the apprenticeship as a “mature” student, but it was all made worth it when she realised the importance of displaying her hard work and dedication to her 11 year old son. By working hard, she achieved what she wanted and, in doing so, Rebecca is a fantastic example for many professionals that may find themselves weighing the decision of whether taking a qualification is too late.

The qualification journey continues

Rebecca continues to move onto a Level 3 Qualification to eventually become a Credit Manager. Once again, she reunites with her previous CICM Tutor, Tracey Nixon, who she stated was extremely supportive and helpful throughout achieving her qualification.

Credit Control as a Career

“I actually fell into the role” says Rebecca, which reflects the stories of many credit professionals within the industry. When Rebecca saw the job satisfaction within Credit Control from her peers, that’s when she really found her passion for the career path. The problem solving, setting herself goals and seeing the results drives her onwards through her new role.

Advice if you wish to take on a Qualification

“Making sure your priorities are in place” is what Rebecca advises to anybody that may be in the same position as her. To get the results that you want, “You need to be hungry to learn” and to “take advantage of every opportunity” like the “CICM Podcasts and Webinars” which will only elevate your passion for Credit and Collections.

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