07 Feb 2024
by Tom Sharman

Community Voice: Joshua Mayhew

Joshua Mayhew MCICM is the Director of Global Credit Recoveries and Chair of the CICM Kent Branch makes his debut in our Community Voice Series.

A first job in Credit Management and working in debt collection 

In his first job, Josh Mayhew fell into a Credit Management role. He says “It’s not something you set out to do” but he acknowledges that younger talent needs to be made aware of the opportunity to learn in such a diverse career. 

Josh works in Debt Collection and acknowledges the stigma around working in the industry. Despite this, he aims to demystify some of the assumptions made about the career and bring clarity to what his role is like. He says that it aims at getting money back to where it should be for his customers. 

He continues to state the importance of empathy in consumer collections and negotiation in commercial collections. It’s important to build relationships with who you work with and join together to get a resolution. 

The power of AI in Credit Management vs. The power of people 

Additionally, he believes the rising use of AI and the increased ability of technology and automation in Credit Management has made it a great tool for the arsenal of a credit professional, however, it is important to remember that “people pay people” and shouldn’t forget the power of picking up the phone and resolving dipsutes the good old fashioned way, person to person. 

Learning from the community 

Commenting on the community, Josh says “meeting people with a wealth of experience” has helped him to learn and avoid being shortsighted within the industry. He reinforces that CICM Events and utilising the branch network is essential. “The CICM is one of those places that you take out what you put in. If you’re willing to put a bit of time in for the community, you get twice as much back” 

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