13 Mar 2024
by Iain Young MCICM(Grad), Jules Eames FCICM (Grad); PGCE

Master Credit Risk with this Essential Training Course

Two professionals sat side by side and looking at analytical graphs

Working in Credit Risk means that we all understand the fundamental relationship between risk and reward.  So far, we've explored the fundamentals of credit risk management in previous blog Understanding Credit Risk and honed our skills in our blog 5 Steps to Effectively Mitigate Credit Risk. 

Yet, even the most experienced credit risk professional can benefit from continually refining their knowledge and skillset. How can we best go about that? 

This is where the Chartered Institute of Credit Management's (CICM) "Best Practice Skills to Assess Credit Risk" training session comes in.  This specially designed programme offers B2B credit risk analysts like yourself the opportunity to take a deep dive into techniques for identifying and assessing credit risk, while ensuring those strategies support revenue goals. 

Identifying Credit Risks 

The training session delves into the various types of credit risk you may encounter, equipping you with the tools to not only recognise them, but also develop strategies to effectively reduce their potential impact.  You'll gain a deeper understanding of information sources that can provide greater credit risk visibility, allowing you to make more informed decisions. 

Applying Effective Risk Controls 

But identifying risks is only half the battle.  The CICM training goes a step further, equipping you with the practical tools and techniques needed to implement effective risk controls.  This includes learning how to leverage data analysis, establish credit limits and utilise various risk mitigation tools such as securities and defined payment terms. 

Maximising Sales 

Many credit risk professionals understand the importance of risk mitigation, but some may worry that robust risk management can stifle sales.  The CICM training course dispels this myth. You'll learn how to manage risk within a growth-focused environment, ensuring that your risk control strategies support, rather than hinder, your organisation's sales objectives. 

Become a Master 

By participating in the CICM's "Best Practice Skills to Assess Credit Risk" training session, you'll gain the confidence to make or recommend tangible credit decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of credit risk assessment methodologies.   This will not only enhance your skills as a credit risk analyst, but also demonstrate your commitment to professional development and adherence to the CICM Professional Standards. 

Ready to Take the Next Step? 

For a more detailed look at the course agenda, which covers topics like the 3-step vetting approach to credit risk assessment and creating justifiable recommendations for credit parameters, please visit our Best Practice Skills to Assess Credit Risk training page or view all our Training options on the CICM training page. 

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