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The East of England AGM 2023 was held on the 18th January 2023. You can view the below notes:

Atul Vadher, the East of England Branch Chair, has worked within the Credit industry for over 30 Years, specialising in the full Order to Cash cycle. Please click here for a short biography.

We decided some years ago when we were Essex Branch that the old branch system of meetings needed a spring clean. Members said that they were busy; they didn’t want old style Branch meetings. They didn’t always have the time to travel from one end of the county to another for branch evening meetings, but instead they would like to join in with branch activity – and having a Branch section on the CICM website like this one, along with our Branch LinkedIn website, would create the branch feel without the travelling and the hassle! This became even more important when we because East of England Branch and grown our geographic boundaries by absorbing Suffolk and Norfolk Branches as well as part of Thames Valley Branch.

Consequently we abandoned routine Branch meetings and instead held large free to attend conferences, with industry leading speakers, such as our successful Fraud, Law and Insolvency Conferences, Improving Credit Management in the Workplace, and a Fraud, Risk and Cybercrime Conference. These were all held, at the wishes of our members and with the full support of CICM London Branch, during the day in central London because many of our Branch members work in central London. We managed to keep these conferences entirely free of charge to attend by obtaining support and sponsorship from leading companies such as Hays Credit Management, Goodman Masson, and Baker Tilley.

Before the Covid lockdown in 2020 we held a series of smaller events and workshops around our very large patch, in Brentwood, Chelmsford, Cambridge and Norwich. These were well attended, popular and well received by our members and guests.

Soon we hope to resume face to face events, as well as Zoom ones, and perhaps hybrid ones – depending on what our members want.

So make sure you add this part of the website, along with the CICM East of England LinkedIn Group, to your favourites and send through to the Branch Secretary, any ideas so this site can be tailored to the needs of the membership. Members wishing to join the Committee are most welcome.

We look forward to working with you and developing this, and our LinkedIn websites, in order to make certain that CICM members located in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk, and parts of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, and Northamptonshire have representation and a say in how we move forward.

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East of England Branch Committee
Covering all of the Counties of Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk, and parts of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.


Name Position Telephone
Atul Vadher FCICM Chairman 07531359554
Richard Brown FCICM Vice Chairman and Governance Advisor 07710392934
William Plom Secretary 07799807898
Mark Maynard MCICM Finance 01268 745556
Liam Hastings Deputy HQ and Social Media Liaison 07412259949
Naimesh Khetia MCICM HQ and Social Media Liaison 07710857013
Katherine Bailey FCICM Education and Learner Liaison 07956490889
Andy Moylan FCICM Events organiser and presenter 07968955275
Steve Walsh Events organiser and presenter 01277 206400
Lorna Westgarth-Pearce MCICM Social Media and and Linkedin Officer 07976970817
Sean Frisby MCICM Event reporting officer 07844484507