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CICM Mentor Hub

CICM members can achieve significant professional and personal benefits by being matched with a mentor or mentee and the CICM Mentor Hub matches suitable mentors and mentees.

The Mentor Hub has tools and guidance to support your goals, whether you want to be a mentor, a mentee, or both. By building a strong mentoring relationship you can develop great insights in to areas you are less familiar with, or completely new to. For mentors, this is the chance to give back, and share your experience and knowledge.

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Why be a Mentor?

Anyone can be a Mentor. We are looking for people of all backgrounds and experiences to support fellow CICM members and join our mentor hub.

In developmental mentoring, the mentor also benefits and learns from the relationship:

  • The ability to pass on your experience as a credit management professional, or studying CICM qualifications
  • Satisfaction from helping others to overcome challenges and develop their career
  • A new perspective on your professional and personal experiences
  • The opportunity to grow new skills through the process of “Reverse Mentoring”
  • Networking opportunities with other members
  • New mentoring skills, which can contribute towards your continuing professional development (CPD) plan
  • A chance to use or develop your communication and leadership skills and industry knowledge

Why be a Mentee?

  • Identify your strengths and find the best way to use these in your credit management career
  • Gain insight into the different routes available to achieve your career goals
  • Develop confidence in a new role, or a different sector
  • Acquire a confidential sounding board
  • Challenge your thinking
  • Develop the capabilities and skills
  • Overcome challenges