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CICM Membership

Chartered Institute of Credit Management Membership


What is CICM Membership?

CICM Membership is an essential tool for professionals in the Credit Management and Collections industry. Being a CICM Member means being part of a like-minded community dedicated to empowering professionals with the skills and knowledge for your personal development. CICM Professional Standards give global recognition of your professional skills and help enhance your credit and debt management career. Have your skills professionally and globally recognised and enhance your credit career up to the seasoned Fellow.










Benefits of CICM Membership

Here’s just a few of our fantastic membership benefits

Globally recognised professional letters Critically acclaimed CM Magazine Continue your professional development
Have your skills showcased by the defining CICM Professional Standards of the Credit management and collections industry. Receive regular editions of the CM Magazine – the critically acclaimed Credit Management magazine filled with hot topics and stories from the industry. Benefit from exclusive podcasts and webinars, Knowledge Hub and more!




CICM Professional Membership

Before applying, take a look at our guide to apply for CICM Professional Membership.

If you are thinking about professional membership, you will be required to pay an assessment fee, which varies based on the grade you are applying for.


Fellow (FCICM) Member (MCICM) Associate (ACICM)
£22.08 per month £17.75 per month £14.50 per month
Evidence of  significant contribution to the credit and debt management industry.  5 years relevant work experience and/or
CICM Level 5 Diploma. Upon completion of your Level 5 you may become an MCICM (Grad)
3 years relevant work experience and/or
CICM Level 3 Diploma
Apply Apply Apply


HCEOA or CIVEA member enforcement agents may get discounts, contact us to find out if more.


Introductory Membership

  Affiliate Studying Member  
  £13.01 per month £8.50 per month  
  Open to all Studying for CICM qualifications  
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