18 Jun 2024
by Tom Sharman, Alan J Smith FCICM

Courses for High Court Enforcement Agents

If you work in enforcement, these are the courses that are the best to support you in your career development

The High Court Enforcement Officer role requires a combination of skills such as: emotional intelligence, physical and social awareness and the art of attentive listening. In this blog, we're going to be taking a look at the courses in High Court Enforcement that develop these skills and make you the best at what you do.

Qualification courses for Enforcement Agents 

CICM Qualifications are regulated by Ofqual, Qualification Wales and, CCEA (Regulations) and available in Apprenticeships or a range of study options, as well as the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) for End Point Assessment (EPA), making it the top choice for many employers when they look to upskill their people. 

Level 2 Award in Taking Control of Goods 

The Level 2 Award in Taking Control of Goods is a mandatory exam that can be taken at any time for High Court Enforcement Officers, when you become a Studying Member with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. 

Level 3 Award in Advanced Enforcement 

A written assignment that requires 50% to achieve a Level 3 Pass, the Advanced Enforcement Qualification looks at the following areas that contribute to the profile of a successful High Court Enforcement Officer: The role and responsibilities, Taking control of goods, Customer relationship management, Advanced Enforcement and Reflective Practices. 

This qualification grants High Court Enforcement Officers a much more enhanced knowledge of the High Court Enforcement profession and, for successful candidates, is a stand-out achievement in their field. 

Level 4 Diploma in High Court Enforcement 

In collaboration with the High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA), the Level 4 Diploma in High Court Enforcement was recently updated for the modern High Court Enforcement Officer. 

Comprising of four compulsory units and assessments, the Level 4 Diploma includes the following: 

  • Writs of Control – Assessed with an Assignment 

  • Writs of Execution – Assessed with an Assignment 

  • HCEO Fees and Accounting – Assessed with an Assignment 

  • High Court Enforcement (Laws and Regulations) - Assessed with an Exam 

For more information on CICM High Court Enforcement Exams, explore our Assessments page for enforcement.

Training Courses for Enforcement Agents 

The Chartered Institute of Credit Management is renowned for delivering high standard training to credit management and debt collections professionals to businesses of all sizes. 

If you work in High Court Enforcement, we’ve compiled a list of training courses that would be best suited to your role, in this half of the blog. 

Successful Negotiation 

The ability to negotiate as a High Court Enforcement Officer is crucial. It is important to display empathy and achieve fair outcomes that are in line with the Regulator’s call to action in March 2024. Find out more about our Successful Negotiation training course.

Legal Recoveries 

If debt recovery through the courts is daunting, then having a highly informative CICM trainer that is experienced in law to guide you through what you need to navigate the court system and its rules would be a recommended course for you. Take a look at our Legal Recoveries training course, here.

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