Export Credit Management

The unit provides a broad understanding of the legal context and structures in which business operates through the development of knowledge about the English legal system, contract law, agency, and sales and supply of goods legislation.

Syllabus Topics

1.     Value of credit (10%)

  • Definition of credit
  • Cost of credit

2.     Organisation of the credit function (15%)

  • The credit department
  • Credit policy

3.     Credit customers and arrangements (35%)

  • Customers
  • Credit agreements
  • Document

4.     Credit risk control (15%)

  • Risk assessment and control
  • Information sources and their value
  • Scoring
  • Insurance

5.     Credit documents and systems (10%)

  • Customer master file
  • Sales ledger system
  • Computerised systems

6.     Collections methods and legal action (15%)

  • Targets and use of resources
  • Methods
  • Dealing with problems
  • Legal procedures and use of third parties

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